Automation on Instagram

Automation on Instagram

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If you know anything about Instagram, you know that it can be automated.


The fall of Instagress

You are aware that Instagress was shut down early in 2017, and that there is an extensive range of Instagress replacing, automated Instagram tools out there on the market ready to automatically schedule your posting for you.

Instagram has moved towards becoming stricter about how these are used in conjunction with people’s pages. It’s hard to keep up with the different services that are being brought into existence as the internet expands more by the day. The million-dollar question is, should you utilize these services for scheduled automation or not?

The long-term answer is, most of those services are most likely going to get shut down.

Two options beyond this are going to become popular among Instagram users. The first is that people will start to outsource account management and take advantage of social media freelancers.

The alternative to this is investing money into Instagram ads that will help to “automatically” grow your account.

However, despite these seemingly bright looking options and the knowledge that a lot of this automated software is potentially doomed, there are still programs like Follow Adder and FollowingLike around.


Does Instagram Automation Work?

The advantage with Follow Adder is that you run it straight from your computer as an app.

This means you download it, which comes with its disadvantages, but one advantage is that Instagram will have a harder time shutting down this service.

One great option that is currently available as a compromise to skirting around the terms and conditions is Social Envy.

Social Envy works hard to keep their practices within the guidelines of Instagram, so the chances of them getting shut down are quite slim. Allegedly there’s no automation, which keeps you in the clear. You just pay for their services, and they do things like following and liking on your behalf.

Note: automated following and unfollowing might eventually hurt your engagement. If you follow 100 accounts, you might get 30 that follow you back. Out of these 30, 20 might have followed you because you followed them in the first place. Out of these 20, 10 might have followed you because they liked your content and from this 10 perhaps 3 or 4 might become customers.

This scenario means that you will end up with a lot of followers you aren’t actively engaging in your content. This informs Instagram that your content isn’t that great, which will cause it to bump you down the list of the “Top Posts” section.


Is Instagram Automation Safe?

So, are Instagram bots & other automation tools safe to use? Not 100%.

While they claim to be clean and safe, aligning with Instagram’s terms and conditions, there are potential problems that people encounter regardless. These include getting locked out of accounts and Instagram questioning if you’re authentic or not.

They certainly do work, but they do come with their risks, so it’s worth approaching them with a little caution and being wary of what you’re getting yourself into.

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