Jarvee Review – Awesome Mass Planner Alternative

Jarvee Review – Awesome Mass Planner Alternative

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If you’re business savvy and know how advantageous it is to build an online presence for your brand, you’ll want to outsource your engagement. Promoting yourself through engagement online is a time-consuming process, so why not get some help to do it?

In 2017, Mass Planner was infamously shutdown by Instahram, which left many people looking for an alternative. It’s now 2018 and Jarvee is here!

So, let’s review Jarvee – which is the latest company to promise it’s software will build up your social media branding via their third-party assistance.



What is Jarvee?

Jarvee, like most other automated bots on the internet, is capable of completing all those repetitive tasks that you would rather not be doing yourself.

Jarvee calls itself a social media scheduler, which means that it automates all your day to day activity like scheduling of your posts and following other people. It prides itself on growing your accounts with real followers only who are much more likely to engage with your platform.

Jarvee can be used across all major social media websites, from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and Pinterest. It boasts features unique to all these platforms, so it depends on what you’re looking for in an automated system, and what social media you have.

Jarvee focuses on rapid growth for your accounts, pointing out that it does the job of an entire social media management team – and it can do it 24/7. It is a Windows-based software and needs to be running constantly on your computer to be working.

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Main Features

  1. Scheduling Posts: Jarvee will schedule your posts to be published at the best times, relevant to the social media site. This allows for maximum engagement.
  2. Instagram Automation: The Jarvee Instagram bot can follow, unfollow, like, unlike, comment, manage direct messages, delete posts, auto-repost, and use hashtags for better searches.
  3. Facebook Automation: Jarvee uses the following tools when engaging with your Facebook: finding and joining niche groups, searching and communicating with potential clients and posting on behalf of you.
  4. Twitter Automation: on Twitter, you can use Jarvee to follow and follow-back, favorite and re-tweet, and execute Twitter mentions.
  5. Google+ Automation: with Google+, you can find, join and unjoin groups, follow and unfollow, and take action as branded accounts.
  6. Pinterest Automation: with Pinterest and Jarvee, you can follow and follow-back, auto-repin and comment and watermark any pins.
  7. LinkedIn Automation: on your behalf, Jarvee will find, join and unjoin niche groups, view profiles, and invite your friends to groups.
  8. Tumblr Automation: on Tumblr, Jarvee can follow and unfollow, like and reblog, and post on sub-blogs.

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Additional Features

Jarvee also has the capability of discovering new content with their advanced scraping tool. They can hashtag keywords in your posts, and provide you with growth algorithms and statistics.



Jarvee has a 5-day free trial, which is a great way to try before you buy and make sure that it’s the right automation tool for you. Once you have trialled it, they have four different price points to choose from, all available in monthly instalments only:

  1. Starter: for $19.95 a month you can get the starter pack, which will manage ten social media accounts for you. You get their premium support with this pack, so the only downside is the limit on accounts.
  2. Professional: the professional package is the most recommended. For $49.95 a month you can get Jarvee to manage up to 70 social media accounts for you. This package also comes with premium support.
  3. Premium: premium offers up to 150 social media accounts for $69.95 a month. Comes with premium support.
  4. Business: their customized business package doesn’t have a set price – you contact them to discuss this aspect. The business package is for anyone who needs more than 150 accounts managed on their behalf.

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To check out how Jarvee works, have a look at these helpful tutorials that take you step by step through all their separate features:

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Spire Says

Jarvee is an application of the internet that you have to download to use. It has to be continuously running on your computer to do its job, which does put your accounts at risk to a certain degree. However, this risk isn’t too high, and you most likely won’t encounter any security issues while using it. If you’re terrified – then you can look at a service like Social Envy that will do all the heavy lifting.


Jarvee is a fast and effective way to grow your social media platforms and build your brand with third-party help.

It automates all of the necessary engagement that you would otherwise have to spend hours doing yourself, which makes it worth the money if you’ve got the money to invest in it. Plus, with its five-day free trial, you can check it out before you spend a cent and see if it’s the kind of thing you’re interested in.

Once you’ve decided you just have to work out which of your social media accounts you want to use it with – you could easily apply it to all of them!

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