Social Envy Alternative: Here’s The  Best Replacement Service

Social Envy Alternative: Here’s The Best Replacement Service

Social Envy Alternative: Here’s The Best Replacement Service
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You might have heard; Social Envy is no longer accepting new clients. If you’re looking for the best alternative, then you are in the right place.

In the wake of this loss, we can recommend Follow Adder as the best replacement, you can also check out our best Instagram bot page for other options.




Original Social Envy Review:

Outsourcing your marketing on Instagram to third-party companies is commonplace these days.

While multiple options and alternatives are popping up all over the place, there are still two main ways to go about doing this – bots (Follow Adder) and organic growth services (Social Envy).

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both offer different things.

So, it depends on what you’re looking for in a third-party engagement source. If you’re on Instagram and are using the social media giant to promote your business, it’s wise to consider using a third-party source. Let’s take a look at one of these sources and how it works for you in promoting your business Instagram page.


What is Social Envy?

Social Envy is a company that specializes in organic growth, specifically around Instagram. Instead of using an Instagram bot to complete the mechanical activity like following and liking, Social Envy employs humans to do the work instead. The primary job of somebody who works for Social Envy is to be in charge of your account so that you be freed up to run your business and save yourself some time.

The greatest advantage of using an organic growth service over automation is that it’s safer and ethical. Because you are employing the labor of a real person and not a computerized system, their activity will meet the requirements that Instagram imposes in their rulebook when it comes to using third parties. Not only that but because the activity is performed by a human, you’ll also avoid looking spammy with your engagement.

Let’s check out Social Envy and its features:


Main Features:

  1. When You Sign Up: Social Envy wants to make sure that you’re covered from the beginning, which means keeping it consistent throughout your experience with them. You are linked up with one person who remains responsible for your account the whole time, so whenever you need to communicate with Social Envy about your account you’ll be put through to the same person every time.
  2. Targeting: Social Envy obtains information like hashtags and targeted niches from you to be as specific as possible when engaging with potential followers. They only engage with followers that fall within your niche audiences, so that you know the followers you attract want to visit your page for its content.
  3. Reporting: Social Envy maintains a consistent weekly report that you have access to so that you can see all of its progress they are making with your page.


Bonus Features:

  1. Username: as well as obtaining information like hashtags and targeted niches, Social Envy also asks for a username list of all the people that you look up to, as well as those you compete against. Using this information, they target the audiences of these pages, swaying them your way instead.
  2. Locations: Social Envy can target specific geographical areas on your behalf – for example, a particular city or state.
  3. Gender: Social Envy can also fine-tune its searches to target a specific gender.


Spire Says

To conclude, Social Envy is a secure option for your Instagram page compared with Instagram bots. This is because they employ real people to do the work, which rules out the risk of being shut down by Instagram for violating any terms and conditions.

In saying this, you do pay for what you get with this service. Social Envy is less affordable than your average Instagram bot, so you have to weigh up whether it’s worth paying for a real person over configuring a bot yourself to do the work for you.

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