Instagress Alternatives: What are the options in 2018?

Instagress Alternatives: What are the options in 2018?

Instagress Alternatives: What are the options in 2018?
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Instagress is no more.

What was once a great automated bot to use in conjunction with your Instagram page has consequently been shut down by the social media giant. Let’s look at some great options other than Instagress that will help you get the job done.


Follow Adder

Follow Adder easily comes in at number one, for its basic features, bonus features, and affordability. It operates like any other standard bot on the market and gets the job done with efficiency and security. Like most automated bots, it can automate scheduled activity like liking, commenting, following and unfollowing. It can direct message people who followed you, thanking them for the follow and giving your page a personal touch.

Let’s take a look at Follow Adder’s main and bonus features:

  1. Following: This service has the ability to automate all that activity that you would otherwise find tedious to do yourself. This bot can follow and unfollow on your behalf. It’s a good alternative to buying your Instagram followers in bulk because they are more likely to be genuine people who like your page for its content. This is because Follow Adder targets your niche audience, meaning the people within this are already looking for pages like yours. On the other side of this, it’s not hard to unfollow those who don’t follow you when you follow them as Follow Adder keeps track of all this information for you.
  2. Posting Schedule: Follow Adder publishes your posts on a consistent or random schedule, enabling you to keep up appearances on Instagram while you do other work towards your business. The advantage with posting randomly is that the activity looks organic, which in turn lowers the risk of violating Instagram’s terms and conditions. Follow Adder also knows when your targeted niche is most likely to be scrolling through Instagram so that you can schedule automated posts to connect directly with them.
  3. Liking and Commenting: this is another automated tool that can boost your popularity with potential followers and motivate them to check out your page.
  4. Direct Messaging: as mentioned above, Follow Adder direct messages either followers you have gained recently or potential followers. The message it sends on your behalf is up to you – whether it’s showing them appreciation for following you or a call-to-action, it helps you look relatable and personable.
  5. Targeted Searching: with Follow Adder you have the choice of targeted searching, which means you can focus primarily on your niche audience and not waste time trying to connect with people outside of your interests completely.
  6. Multiple Pages: Follow Adder can maintain various Instagram profiles for you at the same time. This makes it worth the money if you’ve got multiple platforms you need outsourcing.
  7. Contests: one bonus feature is the contest tool. Follow Adder will run daily, weekly or monthly contests on your behalf. This is an advanced, sophisticated tool that hasn’t been picked up by many other bots yet.

Follow Adder gives you all the essential features that come with most bots, plus some additional ones as well. This makes it very affordable and worth your money, especially if you have multiple profiles you want to market. However, remember that it is a bot, meaning it is automatic and riskier than an organic growth service.


Managed Social

Managed Social is the natural alternative to Follow Adder. Managed Social is an organic growth service, which means that it doesn’t use automation to boost your profile and engage with your followers. It’s a service that gets real people to do the work on your behalf. This is the safer option for a bot because it’s more ethical and secure. It falls within Instagram’s strict guidelines around outsourcing marketing to a third party, so you don’t have the risk of getting in trouble. Let’s take a look at what Managed Social offers.

Main Features:

  1. When You Start: Managed Social’s goal is to make your experience as personable as possible. When you sign up for their services, you are given a case manager. He or she works closely with you to promote your page. They will keep you up to date on all the work they’re doing on your behalf.
  2. Targeted Audiences: Managed Social works hard to use hashtags and niche searches you provide them to target your desired audience. They only work within what you give them so that you know the people they are engaging with are going to want to look at your page.
  3. Weekly Report: your case manager will provide you with a report on progress made and where the engagement is coming from so that you know who they’re targeting and how.

Additional Features:

  1. Usernames: in addition to providing Managed Social with hashtags and targeted niche searches, you can also give them the usernames of the people you compete with and look up to. Managed Social will target their audiences and sway them over to your page.
  2. Locations: Managed Social also specifies their targeting to states, provinces, cities and countries.
  3. Gender: this service also can target by gender, making its searches as specific as possible and increasing your chances of gaining followers.

Now that we’ve looked at two of the best alternatives to Instagress on the market let’s cover some other options further down the list.



Following closely in Follow Adder’s footsteps is Instato. It is a relatively new bot on the market and has all the features that Follow Adder also has, so could be considered the hot competition. Like Follow Adder, it offers a free three-day trial, which is great when you’re looking around doing your research and want to experience a bot’s services before you commit.

Instato also works hard to make their automated scheduling appear natural and organic, so you know that you’ve got security to a certain extent with them. Instato focuses primarily on engagement and scheduling your posts with the aim being a fast but natural looking growth for your page.

One additional feature that makes Instato so appealing is its sophisticated support system. They endeavor to be available to you as much as possible so that you can solve any problems you may have and ask any questions about the services your using.



Instazood is no longer recommended due to safety concerns.

Instazood is another bot that is relatively new to the market but still has a long way to go to live up to the likes of Follow Adder. It’s not as transparent as Instato when it comes to talking about its services and what it offers. It’s a very basic automated bot, so if you’re just starting out and are new to the world of computerized bots and Instagram, this is a good one to go for.

Instazood covers all the basic features of an Instagram bot – liking, commenting, following, unfollowing. One primary goal of Instazood is to reach as many people as possible, which is why it offers its services in multiple languages.

Instazood is all about automation, and getting a fast result from this. It’s still a long way from the likes of Follow Adder because its services aren’t nearly as sophisticated and strong, but it is easy to use and understand. It’s also very affordable, so again if you’re new to the world of bots and don’t want to break the bank trying one, this is a good option.


Conclusion: Bot vs. Organic Growth Service

Managed Social is the best alternative to Instagress, and it’s in the form of an organic growth service. However, it’s more expensive than Follow Adder. This means you have to decide whether you’d prefer somebody to be in charge of your account, or if you’re happy to pay for the convenience of automated scheduling. If you don’t want to break the bank and are on a strict budget for outsourcing your engagement, Follow Adder is a great option. If you’re even newer and tighter with how much you can spend, there are some other bots like Instato that will get the job done.

Managed Social is the safest when it comes to security and keeping in line with Instagram’s terms and conditions. Both Follow Adder and Managed Social are great options for promoting your Instagram page and can work wonders for you. You just have to decide what you are wanting to get out of outsourcing your marketing to a third party.

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